Implementing a new Human Resource Information System (HRIS) can be very exciting and at the same time very stressful and time consuming. Many organizations spend hundreds of man hours of their existing Human Resource Personnel to concentrate on analyzing, shortlisting, and implementing a preferred solution for the organization. At the same time their personnel are also expected to focus on their daily operations that are on-going and cannot be halt just because the organization is acquiring a new system. If you are experiencing the above, UNIGEN would be able to assist you.

As part of our service we will be able to assist you on any of the following process during your implementation process.


Payroll processing is a very administrative task every organization had to face month in and out. Thus this process may not be value adding to the organization’s revenue but it is a very important process to the employee every month. In UNIGEN we will be able to remove this administrative process from your business and assist you in this process which will benefit your organization in many ways.

We offer two options the organization that is keen to improve on their business process:

Option 1: Payroll processing will be completed at our premise. Information required for payroll processing will be sent to us and our staff will process based on the organization instruction using our payroll software.

Option 2: Payroll processing will be done by our staff at your office. This option is suitable for organization that would prefer their staff information to remain in their office.


Human Resource administrative process can be mundane and there are definitely areas that can be improved to ensure efficiency in administrating the organization human capital. Here in UNIGEN we will assist you to review your HR process flow, documents, forms and practices and provide you with the best practice and advice on how to maximize your employees and process to the full potential.

Our HR Process Re-Engineering is a solution to your Human Resource support and process in response to the challenges you have in the ever evolving and changing in the global market. Technology has played a huge role in every area & human factor needs to be addressed to adapt to these changes so that you are able to leverage its full potential and capabilities. At the end of the day the outcome that we want to achieve is simple, reduce cost and increase productivity. In most cases an organization that would require process re-engineering are in the following but not limited to:

Why do you need us to assist you to HR re-engineering processes? Simple, we are able to introduce new & best practice processes from successful organization. Sometimes you just need a fresh new pair of eyes!


Your organization may not be new but you may not have qualified personnel that could assist you in your Human Resource functions. Human Resource may seem just like another administration function but without doing it properly and complying with the regulatory requirements; this may cause the organization legal actions. Here at UNIGEN we are able to manage your Human Resource functions and ensuring that your organization adheres to all regulatory requirements.


Human capital is the most important asset in an organization and it is absolutely important that they are having the right fit to their roles and are up-to-date to the latest technology and knowledge. Upgrading your employee is essential as we need to equip them to help the organization increase in their productivity and efficiency.
Finding the right training and vendor can be tedious especially when there are so many in the market. UNIGEN will be able to assist in the following in this area of training but not limited to:


Many new organizations or even season ones may not have a proper Human Resource Department in their organization. This could be due to budget issue or the organization many be too small to have a HR Dept. by itself. Overtime as the organization grew bigger and more manpower are recruited, a proper HR Dept. need to be set-up to ensure that they have a personal that could take care of their staff welfare. Here in UNIGEN, we are able to assist you in setting up a proper HR Dept. from regulatory to documents needed to ensure that staff and organization are both covered.


You may think you have proper forms for HR use that is effective or you may think that you have a complete HR documentation. You are not alone. Many organizations that we have engaged think the same until we shared our views that they realize that they are still lacking especially in managing those documents in their organization. Documents used in HR Dept. are very important to manage as it could be used in the future for reference and especially when there is legal action scenario. Even in regulatory compliance you need to have all the documents in place so that it is easy to refer to and you are able to produce it as and when needed. We have the experience and the skills to ease your pain in this process. Just leave this task to us to worry.


The Human Resource Department in your organization may be running for many years yet you are not sure whether the operations are complying with regulatory requirements. You are right to have such doubt as it is better late than never. Through our experience, many organizations failed to contribute their employees share in EPF or even SOCSO thinking that it is perfectly right to do when the staff is just doing a part time job. Well, it’s not. That’s why many organizations failed in their audit by these government agencies and faced heavy penalty.
We will be able assist you to review the compliance of your Human Resource practices to ensure that you adhere with the regulations by the related regulatory bodies.
Besides regulatory requirements, we are also able to audit your payroll or HR related documents to ensure that your operations comply and are doing the right thing.